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A helping hand to car industry: buy, sell ads for free!

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It is often said that nothing valuable is ever given for free; however, it may work as a hook to draw attention to something. At the moment, the creators of free buy sell ads on dalder.lv have truly given a helping hand to car sellers and buyers, offering them a chance to save on advertising and shopping. And we are hooked indeed! Besides, the creators of dalder.lv have promised that it will always be possible to post classifieds free of charge on the portal as that is at the very core of dalder.lv vision. However, it still makes us question whether it comes along with some traps…

And this is where we get to clear any readers' worries as the only trap we may fall into is an improved experience of buying or selling a car, no other diversion from the usual deal culture in the car industry is to be expected. Therefore, already with a greater trust we can dive into the portal to find out what benefits it may give both for buyers and sellers, as well as why we recommend registering on the portal. Keep on reading!

What is dalder.lv?

The website speaks to us not only because of free classifieds, but because the features of the portal have taken it to a whole new level, enabling it to grow into a serious market platform. The new degree of complexity and the variety of features may even seem perplexing - and this is where that BUT maybe seems to be lying, which the ever-doubtful mind always has seem to be looking for when it comes to everything new.

Free ads is only the visible part of this iceberg - also in the depths there is something noteworthy. And it is definitely not related to greater expenses. We can compare the new classifieds portal to a transition from a Samsung to an iPhone (which is undeniably the best) or to getting into the new BMW electromobile from a 1999 first Toyota Yaris model. It is the future. On this platform, along with classifieds and professional buyers and sellers' profiles also such sections as gifts, coupons and campaigns are available. Unlike classifieds, these channels are considered to be more complex marketing tools which are indeed offered for an additional cost. However, even here it is possible to save up to 90% compared to equivalent tools on other websites.

Dalder.lv is a market platform that offers a much more professional deal culture with an innovative approach to classifieds.

Honest deals, no secrets

One of the most painful shortcomings of classifieds portals up till now, in our opinion, has been the lack of opportunity to give feedback after the deal has been concluded. Together with concluding a deal, the classified is normally deleted and disappears forever. This way, a fraudulent car dealer continues deceiving one buyer after another.

Taking into account risks, classifieds portals without reviews seem to be an outdated system which does not meet today's buyers expectations for safer online shopping. Data analysis confirms that buyers are more likely to shop on websites that have reviews instead of sites that do not have this feature at all.

Also in Latvia, finally the honesty standards on these platforms have been raised, as each buyer and seller can receive feedback on his/her user's profile after each deal. It also helps to increase the level of responsibility accordingly for both of the parties involved in the deal thus reducing the possible consequences of absent-mindedness. In general, the addition of the reviews section promotes transparency in the industry and ensures higher standards of deal safety, thus helping to call to account all the dishonest traders or clients.

The creation of reviews section is the greatest trump card of dalder.lv which has enabled to create a more advanced and serious base of buyers and sellers, thus improving the reliability indicators and promoting a more positive cooperation experience.

A stepping stone in business

For each registered user of the portal, a personal website is created. It is similar to a social network profile and it can also be found through the search engine of the homepage. It is possible to follow this profile and learn more about different sections of the user's website. When one becomes a follower of a particular user, his/her classifieds are automatically taken to the top positions and shown in a prioritized order.

In general, each user's profile has all the necessary sections that are needed for a professional business website. When starting out in the car business, no matter the specifics of the business (selling of cars, washing, renting, decorating, etc.), the creation of such a website may become the first stepping stone towards strengthening and advertising a new brand.

Many users of dalder.lv already now are advertising this website as their official business website. It is clear that creating a separate website requires additional resources, however, at the very beginning such an investment may be impossible. When starting a business from zero, dalder.lv provides with all the necessary starter kit - it gives a platform where to tell more about oneself, place one's offers in the form of classifieds, add contact information and strengthen relationships with clients with the help of reviews section.

With the help of this website, an online chat option is also offered. When opening a website of any trader or buyer, one can write an online message. If one of the sides is offline and this message is not opened within 24 hours, an informative email is sent. In the contact section one can also look up the indicated contact number, email or sites to the social networks profiles.

Dalder.lv helps to find The One!

Not only can one look for the significant other on the platform by placing a classified on the dating section, but the filter function of the website also can help to find the right car if there is a dream car and one is sure about the specific parameters. Filters make searching easier and reduce the time it takes.

To create a filter, first one has to register on the portal. Then one should go to the corresponding section, for example, “Transport” - “Cars” - “BMW” - “BMW i3”. When the right model has been found, on the upper bar one has to indicate the additional data about the price, year, color or any other important information. Finally, the “Save filters” button is pressed and a name is given, for example “The One”.

In the future, even without opening the classifieds portal, it will be possible to find out if a new classified is published that corresponds to the set criteria. If the user does not open this classified within 24 hours himself, a message is sent to email. It is possible to enable receiving notifications on phone about new emails, thus it will be impossible to miss out on the new deal! This way chances of being among first buyers that contact the trader are increased.

In the next session, one can already go straight to the filters section. This way there is no need to follow the chain “Transport”-“BMW i3” and input the parameters, but one has to click on the already-made filter “The One”. The filter section can be opened by clicking on the filter icon on the top left corner next to the username.

Another way of sorting classifieds is by marking them with a star. This way, the specific classifieds are added to the list of favorites where they can be found by clicking on the corresponding icon.

Grab the hand!

As dalder.lv has lifted out a helping hand, we encourage our readers to grab it and hold on tight! Free buy sell ads indeed are a pleasant surprise among the raised prices of electricity and food. A little ray of light which gives us hope that there are still areas in which it is still possible to save money - when advertising and developing a business.

We recommend using not only the classified portal dalder.lv, but also its Facebook page dalder.lv Auto-Moto which has over 100000 members.


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